Complex Challenges Require Innovative Solutions

SOAR is a social impact consulting and technology company finding innovative solutions to today's most complex challenges. Let's solve together.

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What we do

What Challenge Are You Tackling?

SOAR Offerings

Services Designed to Help You Make a Difference

With SOAR's suite of services, we're prepared to support you every step of the way.

1. Grants & Fundraising Strategy & Management
2. Fractional C-Suite Services (CDO, COO, CFO, CEO)
3. Administrative  Support & Technical Assistance
4. Financial Management & Accounting Outsourcing
5. Transformations & Receiverships
6. Impact-Driven Technologies

Executive Leadership

Greg Arend
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Brooklyn Cadwallader
Vice President
Grant Heckenkemper
Vice President


Sarah Frey, MBA, CFRE
Senior Managing Consultant
Nathan Way, CAPM
Senior Consultant
Tyler Palmer
Senior Consultant
Abbie Meler
Office Administrator
Georgina Vilchis, MBA

Advisory Board

Steve Thompson
Senior Advisor
Mike Matthews
Senior Technology Advisor
Steve McCampbell
Senior Technology Advisor
Joyce Harris
Federal Government Relationship Executive
Michael (Mike) Betts
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Bill Lewis
Federal Government Procurement Advisor
Carol McNern
Financial Management Executive

Our Story

I have been very blessed with a great family, wonderful friends, amazing mentors, and a highly successful career. I truly had it all, but something was missing in the later years of my tenure as a senior partner with a Big 4 firm. My passion was no longer driven by financial reward, but rather improving the outcomes associated with major societal issues that I believe could be solved by non-traditional thinking and the added benefit of rapidly evolving and disruptive technology.

After submitting my early retirement request, I began to meet a number of people who were not formerly in my professional or social circles. I also had the opportunity to support a colleague who happened to be an alumni of Oral Roberts University (ORU). This individual then connected me to leaders at ORU who are truly changing the world. One introduction led to another and another. My life was changed in a way that remains inexplicable to me this very day. There is zero doubt to me that this was, as they say, a “God Thing.”

I would pray often, consult with people about my age, and talk with my family about what I was doing to better serve God’s kingdom. I found that I was not alone in trying to discover what to do in the fourth quarter of life, as I encountered many whom also shared a passion to improve outcomes of society by utilizing their respective talents and experience.

The vision became clear – create an organization that facilitates the collaboration of people of faith, professional & technical experience, and like-minded companies, to develop technology and provide consulting services focused on improving the outcomes in addressing the country’s most complex social challenges. Then, instill and execute such a company in a manner that prioritizes a set of core values that are focused on improving outcomes through collaboration, and in a manner that achieves next level performance, giving back and helping clients achieve success.

This is SOAR Partners.

– Greg Arend / Founder & CEO, SOAR Partners, LLC

who we work with

We Exist to Help You Make an Impact

We believe in doing good and doing it well. Good intentions meet great strategy and innovative approaches.  We're a partner to help you achieve your goals as you improve society's outcomes.

Non-Profit Organizations

We support non-profits in their operations and fundraising, so they can get back to their mission.

Government Agencies

At the end of the day, a Government is designed to improve outcomes for its people. Our focus is always how we can partner with an agency to do so.

Corporate Social Responsibility

What unique way is your company positioned to give back? SOAR was started by Greg, a retired Big 4 partner who saw what could happen when great business meets a great mission. Let us walk with you on that journey.

Social Enterprises

Just like you, we believe in the power of business to improve the world. Let us support you in executing your vision.

Startups & Emerging Companies

With a dynamic, flexible team, we're uniquely suited to support startups and emerging companies on the cusp of growth. Let us grow with you.

Human-Centered Design

Solutions Focused on People, not Problems

1. Inspire
People first. We run research, interviews, and focus groups to develop empathy and understand the needs of those who will be at the heart of the solutions.
2. Ideate
From that experience, we make sense of what was learned, identify opportunities for design, and prototype possible solutions.
3. Implement
We take the ideas we've generated and work with your team to implement the solution - building something sustainable and person-centered.
Social Impact Perspectives, Vol. 1 – A Thirteen Year Wait: University Research Shows Oklahoma As 44th In The Nation In Care For Vulnerable Populations
SOAR Partners is a Tulsa-based social impact technology and consulting company with significant government and private sector experience; we’re problem-solvers working hard to make a difference in some of the most challenging social issues of the day using technology and disruptive approaches. Our company is dedicated to promoting solutions for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).
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Getting clear about soar

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SOAR stand for?
When Greg started the company, SOAR stood for “Strategy, Operations, Accounting, and Risk.” As our vision evolved, these have become less core to our mission than improving outcomes in the social sector and today, our meaning for “SOAR” is less connected to an acronym and more connected to the ascending value we bring our clients. (That said, we also have a running competition among our team to come up with the best new acronym – help your favorite Consultant out and send them your ideas!)
Is SOAR a non-profit?
No – SOAR is a for-profit social enterprise.
What geographic areas does SOAR serve?
SOAR is headquartered in Tulsa, OK, but we work with clients anywhere. We’ve even helped write grants for projects done overseas!
Is SOAR a federal contractor?
SOAR is an SBA-certified HUBZone Federal Contractor. We are also a part of the SBA Joint Venture Program with global technology company, UST-Xpanxion.
What does “social impact consulting” mean?
To put it simply, it means we do consulting work that produces improved social outcomes. Wondering if your work falls into that? Reach out and let’s talk!
Does SOAR only work with non-profits?
Nope! We’ll work with organizations from any tax designation, as well as government agencies and programs.
How does the Human-Centered Design process play into SOAR’s work?
We use Human-Centered Design when working with clients to solve issues through our HCD Labs, when working on technology products, and as a part of our methodology when creating project plans for current and prospective clients.
How does SOAR give back to the community?
SOAR provides in-kind support to a number of non-profit clients and is a Corporate Sponsor of Blessings to Share Foundation, an organization serving neurodiverse young adults in the Tulsa Metro Area.